Electrical Safety Information


The Electrical Safety Council is an independent charity committed to reducing deaths and injuries through electrical accidents at home and at work.
We are supported by all sectors of the electrical industry as well as local and central government and work to promote safety and good practice.

NAPIT helps to protect householders and consumers from the dangers of unsafe and unsound electrical installations. We provide advice on the dangers of electricity and building regulations, how to find an NAPIT-registered contractor.  

Energy-Saving Resource



Energy Saving Trust (EST) is a non-profit organisation jointly funded by the British Government and the private sector in order to promote the sustainable use of energy, energy conservation, and to cut carbon dioxide emissions in the United Kingdom. The Trust was established following the 1992 Earth Summit.  


The Centre for Sustainable Energys aim is for every person in the UK to have a warm, comfortable home that they can afford to heat, and at the same time that their energy needs will be met without compromising the environment or the energy needs of future generations. We believe that independent and innovative initiatives, promoting energy efficiency and renewable forms of energy, are the key.  
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